There are several interesting sites in the immediate surroundings that would be a shame not to visit at least one of them.

Carlsbad, 7 km
This most renowned Czech spa, established by Charles IV, needs no introduction. The thermal springs are not the only thing attracting tourists. Aside from the breathtaking architecture, we can also mention the untraditional experiential excursions, e.g. the Moser Glassworks, the Jan Becher Museum, or the caverns under the Hot Spring.

Bečov nad Teplou, 12 km
The Bečov Château was primarily made famous by the discovery of the rare Reliquary of St. Maurus, a masterpiece of Czech goldsmithery. However, the entire complex is worth seeing, with its Gothic castle, Renaissance palace, and Baroque château. Afterward, you can visit the Botanical Gardens located in the area under the castle.

Loket Castle, 16 km
At first glance, the town itself will enchant you. But the Romanesque-Gothic castle that proudly rises above the town on a granite cliff will literally wrap you around its finger. The all-pervasive medieval atmosphere is emphasised by the authentic exhibition on torture in the castle dungeon.

Slavkovský Forest
Granite cliffs, dense forests, mysterious peat bogs, and sourcing mineral springs. And also the indelible mark of the mining history. Welcome to the Slavkovský Forest Protected Landscape Area, to a landscape like no other in the Czech Republic. There is a whole range of places worth seeing in it.